Children and young people from Molina participated in recreational camp with NGO Social Hip Hop

January 26, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

For 10 days more than 50 children and young people between 10 and 17 years old, from different municipal schools in the Molina district, participated in workshops and clinics organized by the NGO Social Hip Hop.

With the aim of contributing to the development of creative capacities of children and young people in regions, and promoting urban culture as a tool for social intervention, the NGO Social Hip Hop made, from Monday, January 16, a series of workshops of summer in the School of the locality of the Colorado in Talca.

Graffiti, breakdance, rap and beatbox workshops, among others, were attended by more than 50 children and young people from municipal schools in the Molina district of the Maule region.

"We have a huge wealth in terms of musical creation. The rhyme through expressions such as paya, prose, tenth and poetry, is a cultural element that has been present in central Chile for centuries, and its connection with rap during this camp was very natural. We have very good potential MC's, "he says. Nelson Rojas, Executive Director of Social NGO Hip Hop.

The NGO Social Hip Hop used project methodologies Hip Hop Ed, winning initiative of the 2015 Innovative Fund of Fundación Colunga, in the training of local professionals and monitors, where different tools with hip hop focus were delivered for educational work with young people.

This recreational school camp was organized by Reinventa Foundation together with the NGO Social Hip Hop, and was funded by the JUNAEB.


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