Leading girls of the 21st century

September 6, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation


Given the inspiring visit of Greta Thunberg to Chile and her passion to transform reality, from Fundación Colunga we want to highlight the leadership of girls who are promoting important changes in our society, from different spaces and territories. We firmly believe that girls and boys are not only the future, but also our present.

Greta Thunberg

Photography: Anders Hellberg

The renowned Swedish environmental activist of only 16 years, is giving the world an example of perseverance and demonstrating that her dream to reduce pollution on the planet may be possible with a change in our daily actions.

In December, he will visit Chile, where he has been invited to participate in the Conference of the Parties (COP 25) of the United Nations and has chosen a race boat as a means of transport, since he refuses to travel by plane because of the impact they generate high carbon dioxide emissions.

Like Greta, there are more and more girls and young people who are committed to their reality and determined to act to change things.


Malala Yousafzai

Photography: Sarah Jeynes

Malala's incredible story has been a phenomenon around the world. This Pakistani teenager was shot in the head at age 16 for defending her right to have a school education, in the cultural context of a country where girls are excluded from the education system and forced to work or marry at a young age. He is currently dedicated to disseminating his experience to ensure that girls in his country can access free education and is a peace activist.

“I am those 66 million girls deprived of an education. I am not one voice, I am many. ”


Sofia Dorta

Photography: CommunityWoman

With only 12 years, this Chilean girl stands out in international computer development events. She is passionate about programming and seeks to change the world through technological innovation. Its great challenge is to create an operating system.

She was the first girl to participate in the INDEX Developers Congress and has been highlighted by “Women who leave their mark” version 2019, an event organized by the Fundación ComunidadMujer and Alto Las Condes, which seeks to distinguish women who are making their way to new generations.

"If they want to learn programming, they work hard and study, and they put perseverance on them, they can do incredible things and help change the world."


Xóchitl Guadalupe Cruz

Photography: Notimex

This little girl, a resident of a rural area of Mexico, since she was 4 years old showed interest in science. The year 2018, and with only 8 years, designed a solar heater using recycled materials. He tested his invention thanks to the help of his dad, who built it. For this innovative project, he received the recognition granted annually by the Institute of Nuclear Science of the National Autonomous University of Mexico -UNAM- to outstanding scientific women.

"What I did is do this project, this heater of recycled materials that do not harm the environment and that helps low-income people."

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