More than 50 organizations participated in fundraising talk given by Bernard Ross at ColungaHUB

March 23, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

The leading international fundraising expert delivered a concrete methodology that can be used by civil society organizations in their fundraising and fundraising processes.

With the aim of providing tools to civil society organizations that help them to professionalize their fundraising method, a meeting was held at ColungaHUB with Bernard Ross, an international expert in fund raising issues.

The emphasis that Bernard made in the talk was related to the importance of delivering a clear and memorable message, so that potential collaborators join the cause of your foundation. For this he gave some tips that serve in practice:

-Create a simple message about what you do or why you do it;
-That your message is unexpected;
- Take it to the concrete;
-Emociona of correct form;
-Create a story;
-And again make the message simple and clear.

"We are very happy because bringing Bernard is an achievement and we believe that it will influence the management of how organizations are currently developing in fundraising. One of the most important problems of foundations in Chile is communication, transmitting a single, clear and simple message so that they become part of your cause, "he said. Gonzalo Guzmán, director of the Chilean Association of Fundraising.

The vision of the assistants

The activity, organized by the Chilean Association of Fundraising and Tools4Change, was supported by ColungaHUB, with the aim of contributing to the debate and supporting civil society organizations in their needs. The more than 100 attendees actively participated in the talk, through practical exercises and a constant dialogue with Bernard.

"I found the talk super good, the exhibitor is entertaining, it connects you with examples and easy applications to carry out. For us, who are only two years old and we are just going to do fundraising, it will be useful because we need to convey a correct message, and this will help us hit the nail on the head, "he said. Karina Muñoz of Consciousness Road Foundation.

On the other hand, Felipe Rubio from The Nature Conservancy He stressed the importance of this talk for organizations. "What Bernard has done is to simplify several years of fundraising, after going through different processes he delivers them in a very simple way, very useful and therefore it is very useful for all of us who are working on this," he says.

For Claudio Gómez, director of the National Museum of Natural History, Bernard's most memorable message "is that the form is almost as important as the fund when one appeals to donors or people who will help you," he concludes.

About the exhibitor

Bernard Ross He is Scottish and has 20 years of experience in supporting third sector organizations to improve their results in attracting new donors for different causes. He has worked with Green Peace, World Vision and his most recent projects are with the Red Cross and Unicef.



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