The projects, supported by the Colunga Foundation, that improve learning in the classroom

March 22, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

In the last period, various organizations that seek to contribute to the improvement of Chilean education within the classroom have joined the extensive Red Colunga.

Through the different lines of action of Fundación Colunga, organizations and programs have been able to implement projects that seek to strengthen and innovate in tools that allow improving teaching and the environment within the classroom. These are the foundations that work from learning in the classroom:

Creando Curiosos Foundation and its program "Curios in the classroom: doing science in preschool", the classroom intervenes with scientific advice to teachers, and integrates its Curious Boxes to bring science to children in vulnerable sectors. They are winners of the 2017 Innovative Fund and participated in the Colunga Social Innovation Laboratory.

From the same scientific path, Odyssey It offers a methodology designed for teachers who want to transform and enhance the learning of their students. The objective is to deliver tools, through science, technology and innovation, that encourage children and adolescents living in poverty to transform their environment. They are members of ColungaHUB since 2017.

For Teacher Impulse Foundation, social change also takes place in the classroom. Its focus is on enhancing the role of the teacher as a pedagogical leader, through accompaniments in the classroom. They were winners of the 2017 Innovative Fund and their "Mentors for Chile" program is benefited by the 2018 Strengthening Fund.

Also from the area of teacher training, My Talents Foundation seeks to contribute to a more inclusive classroom. It offers different ways of improving and delivering tools to schools that want to improve their conditions for children with special needs. Since 2015 and to date, they are members of the cowork in ColungaHUB.

From the same perspective of inclusion, Brave Girls Foundation works in education with a gender perspective, where they intervene in the whole school ecosystem. They offer lectures, workshops and teacher training in order to break down stereotypes and transform the classroom into an egalitarian environment for girls across the country. They integrate ColungaHUB since 2018.

In the same line, Súmate Foundation Transforms the classroom into a safe and comfortable place for children who have been excluded from the school system. His project, supported by the Fortaleza Biobío 2018 Fund, uses innovative pedagogical methodologies that seek improvements in school coexistence and help to reduce school dropout, providing opportunities to ensure their educational trajectory and social inclusion.

Those who also seek a pleasant atmosphere within the classroom is the Observatory of the Game. His work, study and promotion of the game as an effective learning tool, is both at the level of training and in the implementation of programs related to the Law of Inclusion, school coexistence and the strengthening of skills for the XXI century. His project "Playful Wellness, Inclusion and Participation Laboratory" was the winner of the 2017 Innovative Fund and is currently part of ColungaHUB.

Equally benefited by the Innovative Fund, but from the year 2018, it is the Itinerant School of the Mapuche Kimun Interterritorial of the Mapuche Newén Corporation. They give training advisory services in creative and efficient methods for the teaching of Mapuche culture in the classroom. Its goal is to foster in children a greater appreciation of their own rights in spaces such as family, community and territory.

Improving the quality of learning by involving all the actors in the education system, is the task that was proposed Grow with All Foundation and his First LEE program. This initiative intervenes in the classroom complementing the curricular programs delivered by the Ministry of Education for Language and Communication. The main objective is to improve reading comprehension skills and vocabulary through the promotion of reading. The First LEE program is supported by Colunga with the Strengthening Fund awarded in 2017.

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