Línea Libre launches campaign to stop bullying in schools

March 16, 2017
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Fundación Línea Libre decided to launch the campaign "FOR THE BULLYING"That will be developed in hundreds of schools throughout Chile, making the free and confidential telephone available to students 800 116 111, in addition to a web page (www.paraelbullying.cl), WhatsApp and social networks as a way to expand the support options provided by a team of child and adolescent psychologists to those who experience bullying and school violence.

"As a country we still have to improve the policies against bullying and school violence, the answers from schools are not the same and the protocols to combat the bullying in many cases they do not exist. The children feel unprotected and they realize when they call us. That is why we motivate children and young people to face their problems with the help of a team of professionals, under a 100% confidential environment, "he said. Álvaro Castañón, Executive Director of Línea Libre.

Within the framework of this launch, the President Michelle Bachelet sent a video through Youtube supporting the Fundación Línea Libre campaign. "I support this campaign because it has the great value of breaking with the cornerstone of any type of abuse: silence. And, on the other hand, it puts the children and young people themselves at the center of attention. This initiative launched today is an important step in the fight to eradicate this type of practices. The campaign 'FOR bullying' provides the school community with a multidisciplinary team that, free of charge and confidentially, will give the opportunity to speak about bullying to those who suffer from it by putting into words a painful problem but often prefer to shut up "Said the President.

During 2016, as in previous years, the first reason for consulting the telephone help channel was bullying or bullying. "Parents and even children often prefer not to report, which makes absolutely necessary the existence of communication channels or spaces, which are confidential and accessible so that any child who is in a difficult situation knows that he is not alone and can ask for help. Free line offers that space ", added Castañón.

"Anglicizing 'bullying' softens a serious school phenomenon. Let's say things by their names, let's talk about harassment or humiliation, let's talk about 'school age'. Now, addressing this problem would be an incomplete act if we masculinize it or focus exclusively on the exercise of violence that we supposedly attribute to men. In other words, we must assume that this phenomenon is transversal between men and women. In fact, according to a recent INJUV study, which will be published soon, 78% of young women said they had witnessed some act of bullying or harassment. Therefore, this is a very broad problem that does not discriminate or socio-economic condition or gender, on which we must put our efforts to stop it, "said the Undersecretary of Social Services. Juan Eduardo Faúndez.

Online Free also explain that in serious cases the necessary mechanisms are activated to stop bullying, develop skills for better handling of situations and even, if the child agrees, contact an adult you trust, talk to the school , or go to the Superintendency of Education.

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