Línea Libre launches campaign to address gender issues, violence in polo and sexual diversity

May 12, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

Fundación Línea Libre launched the "More than 2 colors" campaign, making the website available www.masque2colores.cl, where they invite children and young people to learn and talk about issues related to gender, violence in polo and sexual diversity.

"More than 25% of the nearly 400 calls we receive per month are for reasons of discrimination or fears related to these issues. As a foundation, it seems important to emphasize the need to talk and seek help, because many cases are complex to address, "he said. Álvaro Castañón, Executive Director of Línea Libre.

The campaign seeks to educate children and adolescents about gender issues and teach them that "we are all different", and that their concerns can be told through Línea Libre's free and confidential psychological help line (800 116 111 - linearibre.cl - Whatsapp +56 9 3082 2187).

"Our society is dominated by stereotypes that generate confusion and problems in those girls or boys who want to be different or seek their own identity. When that will of the children is violent, there is a need to talk to someone. This type of cases reach the psychologists and psychologists of Línea Libre, "said Castañón.

Sexual Diversity

According to figures from the Todo Mejora Foundation, seven out of every 10 LGBTI students report feeling unsafe in their schools.

Violence in polo

According to the INJUV, 51% of young people say they know of a victim of violence in pololeo within their environment of acquaintances, friends and family. Of that percentage, 88% said they were aware of a situation of violence, whether they had heard insults or seen mistreatment. Meanwhile, 54% of those who said they had witnessed violence said they knew of beatings in their immediate surroundings. "Violence in pololeo is an evil that is spreading. This consists of achieving control and power over the other person, limiting it and diminishing their self-esteem, but the most serious thing is that it develops at an age of full development ", argued Álvaro Castañón.

Source: Free Line


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