Social leaders in pursuit of preventive policies for children

September 27, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

A space for dialogue we live today in Fundación Colunga, together with representatives of foundations, State agencies and universities, national and international, to discuss preventive policies for the benefit of the most vulnerable children.

The meeting counted with the participation of Esperanza Cueto, President of the Colunga Foundation; Marcelo Sánchez, Manager San José de Maipo Foundation; Jonathan Flory, Director of Social Finance; Mariano Montenegro, Advisor UN; Magdalena Aninat, Director and founder of CEFIS UAI; Josefina Pérez, Director (S) of TRACK; Daniel Johnson, Director of Citizen Peace Foundation Y Nicole Eisenberg of the University of Washington, among others.

The activity was carried out within the framework of International Seminar "Let's Stay Late", carried out by the San Carlos de Maipo Foundation, whose objective was to know the reality of interventions based on evidence with a preventive approach, especially those that can prevent problematic behaviors in children and adolescents.

"What we are looking for is to emphasize that prevention is not opposed to working on rehabilitation or treatment, but clearly has an ethical imperative. It is knowing how to arrive before. We can have the best therapists, but none of us wants a family member to suffer abuse. For the same reason, this work can not be done alone, it has to be done with a coalition, with actors that are committed to carrying out prevention. That is the objective of this meeting, is to go forward in creating this first coalition for social prevention in Chile", Said Marcelo Sánchez, Manager of the San José de Maipo Foundation.


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