Leonardo Maldonado in a workshop at ColungaHUB "a storytelling is successful if it generates action in the public"

January 6, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

The Executive Director of Sistema B and CEO of Gulliver Chile gave a talk at ColungaHUB on the importance of telling a story effectively, to mobilize the audience.

In order to support the winners of the Colunga 2015 Innovative Fund and the members of ColungaHub, the Colunga Foundation offered a free workshop on storytelling, led by Leonardo Maldonado, so that organizations had the necessary tools to build a powerful story about your projects or initiatives.

Although there are no infallible formulas, Leonardo Maldonado delivered a route with five steps to follow to build an effective storytelling that can capture the attention of the public.
"The challenge is to invite a trip to the person, first I need him to be intrigued, to be interested, but then I need him to accompany me until I reach the end," said the Executive Director of System B.

It is not an easy task for your story to inform and excite at the same time, however, for Leonardo the key is to start with design the call to action, since "a storytelling is successful if it generates action in the public, that is the only criterion of validation", he said during the talk.

The four remaining steps are: design the experience what the audience is going to live, design the emotional journey (to what emotion I want to take them), then design the narrative (what do I want to tell) and finally find your own voice (be authentic), since all human beings have a way of being that makes them unique and, therefore, the same story will not have the same effect if it is counted by another.

This talk is part of a series of workshops aimed at the winners of the 2015 Innovative Fund of the Colunga Foundation, whose teams were trained in Theory of Change, Learning Management and Leadership.

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