Loyalty Chile delivers results of the study "Vision and practices of donors in Chile" together with CEFIS and BID FOMIN

November 17, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

Lealtad Chile Foundation, together with the UAI Center for Study and Philanthropy (CEFIS) and the IDB FOMIN, the study "Vision and practices of donors in Chile".

The study reveals three important challenges for the country's civil society: the institutional strength of the beneficiary organizations, the strengthening of the legal donation system, the trust of philanthropy and social investment in Chile:

Institutional strength of charities:

Incorporating measurement and accountability systems, together with creating conditions, methodologies and validating instruments that allow the strengthening of their management, are part of the key factors for the institutional strengthening of beneficiary organizations.

Strengthening the legal donation system:

The donors most likely to donate using tax incentives coincide in their diagnosis: it is necessary to simplify the legal system by reducing associated fines, the integration of tools that strengthen trust in organizations, the recognition of new social focal points of destination of contributions, and the integration of new donation mechanisms.

The trust of philanthropy and social investment in Chile:

Advancing the development of philanthropy and social investments in Chile and Latin America requires establishing a constant practice of systematizing knowledge and information about the third sector.

If you want to know the complete study, download it here

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