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Yo Migro launches, the app for Spanish-speaking migrants and refugees in Chile

April 26, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

The free mobile application seeks to deliver relevant and reliable information about Chile, as a measure of support in the process of integration into the country.

"I Migro" is the third mobile application of the project: "For an Informed Migration" promoted by #ChileIncluye, an alliance led by PwC Chile Y Interpretative Foundation, which seeks to repeat the success of the previous applications: "T-zen" for the Haitian community and "Salam" for Arabic-speaking refugees and migrants.

This tool seeks to accompany migrants with simple and useful information at the right time. Tomas Lawrence, President of Fundación Interpreta, said that the application has "operational information on how to obtain the different types of visas, what are the extraordinary regularization processes, what are the places where I must go to do this type of regularization, but also delivers cultural information of Chilean society. "

"I Migro" has more than 250 multimedia content and 400 geolocated places, which seek to support the displacement of migrants in the completion of procedures, migratory regularization, purchase of food or search of specific places.

The application is part of the #ChileIncluye program, which aims to promote interculturalism as a fundamental value of society, seeking the construction of a more inclusive, diverse and tolerant country and calling on the private sector to actively advocate sustainable immigration.

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