Laboratory of Innovation of ColungaHUB initiates program of Consolidation with winners of Emprende el Viaje

August 4, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

The seven winning teams of the Innovative Fund 2016 of Colunga lived a day of connection with its purpose, feedback and learning in the ColungaHUB Laboratory.

Laboratorio de Innovación de  ColungaHUB inicia programa de Consolidación junto a ganadores de Emprende el Viaje

The new social innovation laboratory of ColungaHUB works with 3 lines of action: Consolidation; Catalyzing; and Reflection. It is in this first area that the Laboratory will focus its learning meetings with the winning teams of "Emprende El Viaje 2016" from the Innovators Fund.

On this first day the innovators were able to meet again, and participate in a "demo space", where they presented their advances and challenges, receiving feedback from their colleagues, and a technical table composed of Matías Aycaguer, Partner and director of the Innovation Area at Emprediem; Víctor Gutiérrez, International Director of Football Más y Fe Sánchez, Director of ColungaHUB

"From the laboratory we are going to accompany you, to grow together and apply tools that contribute to your day to day. . In this 4-day program we will aim to improve the quality of the social change models that the Emprende el Viaje innovators are working on, "he explained. Fe Sánchez, Director of ColungaHUB

"Colunga when you decide to opt for initiatives in early stages, what is also bet is that these initiatives will learn how to do different things and that is the effort we are doing here, we want to open a space for them to reflect," he said. Arturo Celedón, Development Director of the Colunga Foundation.

On this day they also lived a Transformative Leadership space together with Sebastián Zulueta, Executive Director of América Solidaria Internacional, and participated in a workshop on Theory of Change taught by Magdalena Valdés, Executive Director of J-PAL Lac. The next days of the consolidation program will deal with Social Change Models, Sustainability Models, Advocacy Strategies and Scaling to finish with the final presentations of the projects at the close of the program.

The impressions of the innovators

"Every time I come to Colunga I leave with all the desire to learn and to take everything I can collect for our project and the foundation we are forming. The community that is formed is so good because it opens up lights " Elena Jerez - draft Free School "Children's Society".

"The instance of meeting us injects a feeling of permanent accompaniment. Listening to the classmates helps a lot to incorporate things into the project, it was very enriching today. " Tanya Durán - draft Because I fell in love with you.

"Having won the fund with Colunga was a very big support. With the indications we had we can give structure to the foundation and the project and that has helped us in every way. Today we have a playroom with professionals in charge, with psychologists who evaluate children, with monitors, which allows us to continue moving and think of a tomorrow with more toy libraries " Antonia Scarella - draft Cerro Merced Playroom.

"I leave with a sense of community, with the reencounter with those of us who are in it and feel that we are effectively creating networks." Patricio Massardo - draft Deal Done Neighbor.

"I leave with my batteries full, eager to share with the team what we have learned today, work on our theory of change so that in the end we can better achieve our purpose" María José Rojas - draft Deal Done Neighbor.

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