Government Laboratory invites to participate in its third public-private innovation contest: Impacta Seguridad

June 8, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

After the successful versions of Impacta Health the 2015 Impacts Energy In 2016, this year and together with the Ministry of the Interior, Impacta Seguridad seeks to create safer, more active and organized neighborhoods.

The Government Laboratory has launched the third version of Impacta, a program of open competitions for public innovation that seeks to attract and encourage talents that are outside the State, inviting them to get involved in complex public challenges with new ideas, technologies, products or services.

Colunga Foundation is an official partner of Impacta Seguridad and will be part of the jury, which this year will receive projects on public security issues, especially from neighborhood communities and social groups.

Until the 12th of July Impacta Seguridad will have this call open, which will award 75 million pesos to the four finalist projects, and with 5 million pesos to the 20 semifinalist projects.

To participate, initiatives can be proposed in two categories:

We're neighbors: How to generate greater cooperation among neighbors to increase confidence and security in damaged neighborhoods?

We seek proposals aimed at encouraging cooperative solutions between neighbors, seeking to respond to common problems that affect their daily relationships, in order to help improve their perceptions of security in the neighborhood.

Long live the neighborhood: How to improve public infrastructure so that communities identify with their neighborhoods?
Solutions aimed at recognizing distinctive aspects of each neighborhood are sought, in order to provide a common identity to the public infrastructure used daily by the communities in their neighborhoods.

The 20 selected proposals will be incubated by the Government Laboratory, to transform them into prototypes that help to create safer, active and organized neighborhoods.

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