“The Sociocracy invites us to think together”

September 12, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

In Fundación Colunga we held a playful meeting on Sociocracy. From the United States, John Buck, the first certified English-speaking native consultant to teach and implement the Organization Method of the Sociocratic Circle, shared some tools on this innovative methodology.

The founder of The Sociocracy Group guided a series of activities that led us to apply the Sociocracy through exercises. The central idea was to understand that if we take the time to think together we will think more creatively. "The Sociocracy invites us to think together," said the expert.

Sociocracy is a democracy specially designed for organizations. "Sitting in a circle allows us to hear all voices in an equivalent manner," John explained. It is that exercise of conversing in a circle, horizontally, that allows you to find the blind spots of a situation or of other people, that is, to see what you have not been able to see on your own.

Sociocracia con John Buck

He also talked about the relevance of consent when making decisions. He commented that the limits when it comes to consent or dissent regarding a proposal, has to do with your tolerance range, if I can live with that decision or not. "We are not used to thinking in these terms, it is easier or more common to think that decisions should be yes or yes the best," said the expert. And he added that consent must be more associated with the reaction of the body than of the mind: “Recent research on the brain says that decisions go to the most archaic part of it, and that part does not give you the arguments of your decision, in change, the body shows you when you don't like a proposal, since it feels heavy. ” Anyway, if someone in the circle does not consent, that is the beginning of the creative process, not the end, there is the integration process. "It's very unpredictable and that makes it a spectacular tool to deal with complexity," John concluded.

The activity, carried out with the support of The Kairos Project Chile, was attended by representatives of institutions such as Infocap, the Center for Sustainable Urban Development UC and civil society organizations such as Forja Chile, Co-incidimos Foundation, Wild Lab, Un Mundo Más Foundation Verde, Ingenieros Sin Fronteras Chile, among others.

Reflections of the attendees

“This is my first experience in Sociocracy. We are getting to know it, learning and starting to think about how we can apply it in our organization. It is a more democratic way of being able to make decisions in the organization and we think it could be a good turn for Infocap and all of us who work there ”- María Belén Aguilera of Infocap. 

“It can be a very useful tool for making decisions in the organization. We have talked a lot about horizontalizing decisions, taking into account different opinions. Think from the point of view of, for example, the people who work more in the field and those who are more in the office, combine those criteria, take everyone's opinion into account ”- Rodrigo Andrade of Forja Chile.

“It is a model that comes to generate new paradigms, a new way of making decisions together, forgetting pyramids to be linear organizations” - Jesus Villarroel from Fundación Un Mundo Greener.

Meeting in October

John Buck will carry out a training cycle in Sociocracy and Dynamic Governance in Chile, on October 18 and 19 together with Fundación Colunga. To apply and see more information about the meeting, go to this link.

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