Nature is also in the city

April 4, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

The exhibition "La Ecología de la Mirada", which brings together a series of photographs taken by visual artists, was inaugurated in the Cable al Arte room. María Eugenia Torres, Magdalena Montero and Paz Lira.

Inauguración “La Ecología de la Mirada” en sala Cable al Arte

For a year the photographers chose a natural element to investigate their shapes, colors, geometry and textures. This is how they captured the beauty of flowers, water and leaves that are embedded in urban environments.

"The invitation is to enjoy this visual story that seeks to humanize us, which calls to look at our urban environment focusing on the natural. As you value nature, you can work for sustainability and respect and protect it, "comments the exhibition, the audiovisual artist, Peace Lira.

This is the third sample of the Cable Room to Art, artistic space created by Colunga Foundation and the cultural management group Urban art, which aims to highlight social problems through art.

"Arteurbano, within its search for artistic projects that have a proposal to humanize society through expression, has selected on this occasion, an ecology of the look. This exhibition proposes to decelerate the urban rhythm and change the look towards the natural. It is about recovering the amazement in front of the aesthetics of nature and that also entails respecting the environment and deciding how we want to live and coexist with our world ", highlights Francisca Izquierdo, Director of Arteurbano.

We invite you to visit "La Ecología de la Mirada", throughout the month of April, at ColungaHUB (Av. Bustamante # 26, Providencia). Entry released.

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