Kelmy: The project that promotes the social integration of migrant and refugee children

July 16, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

The Ciudad del Niño Foundation seeks to connect migrant and refugee children with the host society through digital technology. Today they are working with the community of Recoleta, on a pilot basis, thanks to the Strengthening Fund of the Colunga Foundation.

When Fundación Colunga opened the call for the Strengthening Fund in 2017, the City of the Child Foundation I was looking for experts from the social field who were working on social innovation. "One of our references was the Colunga Foundation, so we always kept following his news. At some point this Strengthening Fund appeared, which fit thematically very well for the purpose that we were developing ", highlights Francisca Gómez Lechaptois, in charge of the project at Ciudad del Niño Foundation.

Francisca Gómez Lechaptois

The project they presented Kelmy: an App for the social inclusion of migrant and refugee children, was one of the four winners of the 2017 version of the fund. Its objective is "to link technology with children as protagonists of their own lives, to promote greater social inclusion of migrant children, but in connection with the host society. It promotes the social integration of all children, "says Francisca.

Although the application is aimed at children from 8 years, the idea is that it is an instrument of bonding with parents and that the whole family is benefited in this project. It will provide information on health services, education and cultural activities for children, in addition, it will be developed by the children themselves, which will generate participatory processes with them and their families in relation to their territories and the existing community offer.

They are currently in Central Station working with the municipality in this pilot. They are in the process of entering the territory, through the Municipal Education Department and they will work with the 15 municipal establishments of the commune. "We have done very well, the mayor and his team have been very willing to collaborate on the project because they see in the project an opportunity to make children visible and to promote greater social integration," says the professional. At the end of the year the Ciudad del Niño Foundation will have the first version of Kelmy.

Do you want to apply for the Colunga Strengthening Fund? The call is now open! Applications are until August 13, 2018. More information.

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