Together for a new deal for civil society organizations

May 10, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

The project Society in Action, of the UC Public Policy Center and the Chile + Foundation, presented, in Colunga Foundation, the study "A new deal for civil society organizations. Challenges and proposals " to more than 60 executive directors and leaders of the third sector. 

Charla Centro de Políticas UC en Colunga

In the meeting, Ignacio Irarrázaval, Director of the UC Public Policy Center and Society in Action, presented the main proposals of the document, which were subsequently commented on by Martín García, Head of the Division of Public-Private Cooperation of the Ministry of Social Development and the Family and Tito Díaz, Finance Director of Hogar de Cristo. 

"Today, more than ever, civil society must be transparent, know how many they are and make their directories known, to strengthen their confidence and public faith before they come to knock on the door," said Ignacio Irarrázaval.

The eleven proposals of the document seek contribute to boost the work that the Civil Society Organizations (CSO) carry out in various topics of public interest. These were divided into two thematic areas: 1) Promote trust and public faith in CSOs through more and better information and 2) Improve the process of transferring resources from the State to CSOs.

 "Now we begin a stage of political advocacy of these proposals for new treatment for civil society organizations. These organizations make a contribution to the country from their daily work in areas relevant to society as a whole, such as childhood, seniors, environment, culture and a host of other topics. The challenge now is to articulate a joint work with the State, the CSOs and the academy to make their contribution and action more effective, "said Ignacio at the close of his presentation.

"The State does not have a monopoly on solutions, there are cooperation mechanisms for this. The proposals that are here are very important and they have to continue to develop together. The participation of civil society is key to all the challenges of the country, "said the government representative.

While, from the Hogar de Cristo, Tito emphasized the importance of changing the structure of the surrender system, to lighten the burden on organizations that receive state funds.

A relevant discussion to achieve fair treatment with civil society, a purpose that we need to push together as a society.

You can download the study in this link.

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