Together to transform: Brave Girls and SocialXChange join ColungaHUB

October 10, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

One focuses on generating mental health prevention from educational programs with a gender perspective and the other creates synergies that multiply the impact of social initiatives. Meet the new community organizations ColungaHUB.

The collaborative work platform, ColungaHUB, seeks to connect civil society organizations and also strengthen their articulation with diverse actors such as the State, the company and the academy, among other relevant actors. That is why we are very happy to welcome the new organizations of the community, which now totals 43 foundations.

"We chose to be in ColungaHUB because we believe that it allows us to get closer to the organizations in the sector in order to better understand their needs, improve their visibility, the cohesion between them and their collaborators, and their transparency. At the same time, being part of ColungaHUB gives us the opportunity to continue developing our proposal and growing to offer a service that is valuable both for NGOs and their collaborators ", comments Antonela Racca, Co-Founder and Executive Director of SocialXChange.

SXC team

SocialXChange It is a solution for social investors. Free access platform that allows filtering, ordering and identifying projects based on various components such as the topics addressed, the geographical area, type of intervention and indicators that show and assess the complexity of the work carried out. This allows easily and agile find initiatives according to the interests of investors.

While Brave Girls It works to break down gender gaps through the emotional education of girls, boys and adolescents, focusing on the positive construction of their self-esteem, strengthening of personal security, empowerment and critical thinking. This is done through: Intervention programs in educational establishments for children, teachers and attorneys; Intervention programs for advertising agencies and business marketing areas; Training in responsible social education with gender perspectives.

"We decided to be in ColungaHUB because we believe it is fundamental to be able to work together with various social organizations that have transformative purposes for our country. It is important for us to learn from the experience of the other foundations and to be able to contribute at the same time with ours on a theme that is transversal and fundamental for all: eliminating gender gaps from childhood and education. Colunga became a space of shared growth, where we saw the possibility of advancing in our project feeling part of an even larger community that shares and integrates people, knowledge, motivations and experiences that undoubtedly allow the work to be more significant and with greater social impact ", highlights Emilia Vergara, Executive Director of Valiant Girls. 

Team Brave Girls

Both organizations arrived at the cowork space of ColungaHUB Welcome!

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