Young leaders and professionals of Fútbol Más will carry out socio-sports workshops in Santa Olga

February 8, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

With the logistical support of the INJUV volunteer area, a group of young leaders and professionals of Fundación Fútbol Más received the previous induction that will allow them to go to support the emergency in the center-south area of the country.

Five young leaders and four professionals from Football More will travel to Santa Olga, one of the places most affected by the fires, which so far have consumed 586,185 hectares and where 519 people are reportedly sheltered and 6,162 victims.

In this context, members of the foundation will cooperate, carrying out socio-sports workshops in the sector, where they will apply the experience that left the work done in other emergency scenarios, such as the alluvium in Atacama in 2015 and the earthquake in Ecuador in 2016.

In the induction, the intervention protocol was revised in emergency contexts. Young people and professionals also learned tools that will be applied in workshops to work on aspects such as trust, cooperation and teamwork.

The young leaders and professionals of Fútbol Más will generate recreational spaces for girls, boys and adolescents between 4 to 15 years old, in their temporary stay in the shelters and make a situational diagnosis, around their needs and that of their families.

Source: Football More 

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