Interconnection to enhance donations to civil society

October 26, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

The Giving Tuesday campaign comes to Chile for the first time at the hand of the Mad Foundation, and 16 organizations of the Red Colunga They were encouraged to know this initiative.

Giving Tuesday It is a global movement, born in the United States, that helps to encourage and multiply the good deeds of people. How did the idea of bringing her to Chile come about? "We saw an IM Trust report that showed that most of the funding to nonprofits went to a few organizations, so we thought there were many tasks that do not find funding, many initiatives that do not know how to start. We wanted to open the fan and match the court a little, "he says. Pablo Cabello, Founder and Director of Fundación Mad.

The invitation is that on the world day of the donation (November 27) each foundation that joins the campaign relieves their motivations and calls to support their initiative. Think of a creative campaign and viralize it in social networks.

The idea is that this visibility of the causes helps to incorporate potential donors that strengthen the good projects of the civil society. "We are interested in fostering the culture of donation because it is a good way to pilot solutions to problems we have in our society," says Pablo. And he explains that the more organizations that join the campaign, the more revenue they will generate.

The Mad Foundation was in Fundación Colunga with 16 organizations of the network to raise awareness of this movement. And it has already met with more than 80 foundations and companies, so that this November 27 #GivingTuesday or # International Day of Donate is a success in its first version in Chile. If you are a foundation and want to join this campaign, enter or write to

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