Innovators of Emprende El Viaje complete learning workshops and prepare for the final investment table

November 25, 2016
Communications Colunga Foundation

After a space of four weeks, where the thirty selected teams of Emprende el Viaje were able to converse with their mentors and receive constant support to incorporate the learnings of the first days of workshops, the innovators have completed this first stage of training. From now on the trip consists of reformulating your projects to apply to the final investment table.

"Surely not all will be left at the investment table, but after these learning workshops they are clearly stronger and will be able to continue to build their project," he says. Paulina Rojas, Sub Executive Director of the Colunga Foundation, adding that "the Innovative Fund is especially committed to the teams that are behind the ideas, that is, maybe in three years they are not in the same initiative, but they will have much more capabilities. strengthened to lead other projects. "

Karina Abusleme, Coordinator of the Innovative Fund of the Colunga Foundation, emphasizes that these days of learning, as well as being an opportunity to build communities and connect innovators "has had the intention of leaving them good questions so that these questions remain in their DNA and from there they can continue to develop your projects. "

Until December 16 the teams will be able to reformulate their projects; and on January 12 and 13, 2017, the final investment table will be held, which will be prepared with the support of their mentors and the Fundación Colunga team.

Recall that the 2016 Innovative Fund will deliver up to 25 million pesos per project, to a maximum of 8 winners.

A trip accompanied 

These last days of learning workshops, held between November 22 and 24, were guided by leading national and international speakers: Teresa Matus, Director of the Research Center for Social Systems and Sociocultural Complexity; Paul Howard, Director of KnoSh at Community Solutions, and Leonardo Maldonado, Executive Director of Sistema B Chile; in addition to the field experiences of América Solidaria, Fundación Chile and Fútbol Más.

"They arrived with a heavy suitcase, but on this trip they have had to shed prejudices and face their fears to realize that they are not alone. I think they go with friends, with learning, with a new look at what they do, and they are challenged with trying to understand how to get to the territory and how they can do things much better, "he said. Karen Méndez from Glocalminds, who was the "Guardian of Experience" on this trip.

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