Innovative project "Trenzando" arrived in San Rosendo

May 18, 2018
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The winning initiative of the Colunga Innovators Fund was installed in the old San Rosendo train station and will operate there for two months.

Photo: La Tribuna newspaper

The Trenzando Ship, an itinerant cultural device constructed from containers, reached the town of San Rosendo, in the Biobío region. Your stay will last two months, in which workshops, film cycles, lectures and activities to recover the local railway heritage will be held.

"To design this program we have traveled to San Rosendo previously during the month of April, in order to contact the community and local stakeholders, meet their expectations and needs, and propose a work proposal," says Daniela Gutiérrez, general coordinator of Braiding.

Relationship with the community

The Trenzando Ship will be all May and June installed in San Rosendo. The kitchen that is part of its infrastructure will be open every morning and afternoon so that the local public can approach, learn about the project, share ideas, stories and link with the structure. In this place information will be given to the community about the workshops and film cycles, in addition to the recovery works of the railway infrastructures.

"The Trenzando project is a good alternative for our community. It is very related to our heritage. Braiding comes to relive what San Rosendo was. We want, from our glorious past, to revive the spirit of our commune. Rescuing the rail heritage is a mission of generations, "says the mayor of San Rosendo, Rabindranath Acuña.

The first workshop includes a first stage of research and exploration of local identity through cinematographic tools, to then carry out a creation phase, where young people will project everything they have compiled, as well as their ideas and projections about the future of their locality. The result will be an audiovisual product to be defined -short or feature film, or documentary- that will be displayed in the Braiding Ship at the end of the workshop and that will also be available on the web

This project is carried out thanks to the participation of Fundación Colunga, an institution dedicated to supporting high-impact initiatives in education and overcoming poverty.

Source: La Tribuna newspaper

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