Childhood First and the effectiveness of the Growing Playing program

August 8, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

In 2014 Fundación Colunga made an alliance with Fundación Infancia Primero, to promote the integral development of children from 0 to 4 years old, by strengthening interaction with their parents and / or primary caregivers, promoting positive parenting and sensitive.

The pilot program of the Crecer Jugando Program was executed during two and a half years in the Family Health Centers (Cesfam) of the communes of Colina and El Bosque, but since 2015 they began to carry out an effectiveness study, with the support of Fundación San Carlos de Maipo, to measure the program, using a quasi-experimental methodology.

In the main results of the effectiveness study, unveiled this 2018, the Growing Playing program appears as a valid strategy and with scientific evidence that tends to be positive, which, according to the conclusions of the foundation, endorses its implementation and continuous improvement .

  • The reduction of parental stress is achieved, an aspect attributable specifically to participation in the program. Likewise, there are improvements in the caregiver-child interaction and in the conception of a difficult child.
  • Regarding child development, it can be concluded that participation in the program tends to favor children in terms of avoiding negative results in tests of this type.
  • As time passes, caregivers move towards greater maternal commitment, an increase in responsiveness, the availability of material and the avoidance of punishment.

"Without doubt, designing, systematizing, executing and evaluating an intervention program with a view to making it a replicable model was a great challenge. However, it was also a source of great learning that reflects a shared path where different actors intervened, allowing Crecer Jugando to consolidate and improve until it is the program that it is today ", highlights Ángeles Castro, Executive Director of Fundación Infancia Primero.

Currently, the Crecer Jugando Program, in addition to continuing to operate in the municipalities of Colina and El Bosque, is being implemented in the Hernán Urzúa Merino Clinic in the Renca district.

The partnership between Fundación Colunga and the Crecer Jugando Program allowed the development of an early intervention model, cost effective, scalable and replicable.

See more information about the Growing Playing Program.

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