Childhood First Introduces Growing Playing in Texas Program

April 18, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

The first week of April, they participated in the 2017 SRCD Biennial Meeting, in Austin, Texas, Magdalena Mongillo, Director of Children's Projects and Programs First, María Paz Fillol, Academic Director, and Verónica Mingo Founder of the Juguemos con Nuestros Hijos Program, and President of the foundation. 

The SRCD, Child Development Research Society, was founded in 1933. Its mission is to stimulate and support research, promote cooperation between individuals involved in the scientific study of child development and encourage the application of research results. All this, with the purpose of improving child, family and community well-being in different contexts.

Every two years, the SRCD holds this convention in which Fundación Infancia Primero participates. Within the category "International Perspectives of Parentality", Magdalena presented the Crecer Jugando Project and the results of its Quality Assessment. His exhibition was very well received among the attendees. In addition, the team was able to take the opportunity to attend other exhibitions and engage in dialogues with other professionals dedicated to child development, exchanging information and ideas.

"We are very proud to have been able to share these results in such an important international scenario. With this, we hope that the institutions representing Chile abroad as Fundación Infancia Primero will continue to do so, generating new learning to continue improving our work, "says Magdalena.

Grow Growing Program 

From the Program Juguemos con Nuestros Hijos born Grow Playing, an initiative that has been supported by Colunga Foundation since its creation in July 2014. During 4 months the Growing Jugando program, which takes place in the districts of El Bosque and Colina, carries out 10 workshops, where the healthy and safe bond between the child and his caregiver is promoted. . This year 2017 this model has been replicated in more communes of the Metropolitan Region.

Source: Childhood First 

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