Infancia First comes with its program Crecer Jugando to the commune of Renca

May 26, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

"We have had several days of theoretical-practical training and internships in the field with our new facilitators, and we also decided to train two professionals from the Hogar de Cristo, specifically the Women's House in Estación Central and Puente Alto, where we want later adapt this model to the needs that the mothers of these houses require, due to the context of violence they have experienced, "he says. Magdalena Mongillo, Director of Projects and Programs of the Foundation.

The vision of the new facilitators

"What I liked the most was learning to recognize emotions in children and mothers. It is a very enriching program, "he says. Teresa Band, professional of the Hernán Urzúa Merino office.

At the beginning of June, Infancia Primero will premiere its program Crecer Jugando in the Hernán Urzúa Merino de Renca Clinic; program that was supported by the Colunga Foundation since its creation in 2014, and that aims to hold workshops to promote a healthy and safe link between the child and his or her caregiver.

Since its inception, the Growing playing program has been executed in the communes of El Bosque and Puente Alto, but now, thanks to the support of Fundación Ilumina, it will be able to work through this program, in the Renca district. For this reason, the team has trained for five weeks the facilitators who will have the mission to carry out this program in the commune.

"This project is going to be very good for Renca because there is a very vulnerable population. The training has been clear, we have absorbed the knowledge, and we believe that we are in conditions to face this challenge, "he assures. Paola Lorca, who will also be facilitator of Renca.

While Evelyn Caniumen highlights the respectful look with the upbringing that this program has taught them. "This has brought us a little closer to the children and their families, to focus work on them. We have many tools and we are looking forward to starting soon, "he says.

In Renca the program will consist of 10 weekly sessions of workshops for families with children between 0 and 4 years, once the sessions are over, they will begin new sessions with different families.


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