Childhood First shares adult education strategies

August 25, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

Together with members of the ColungaHUB community, the Fundación Infancia Primero carried out a playful activity to talk about effective education for adults.

Adults do not learn like children, therefore, teaching addressed to them must have different strategies. This is why the Infancia Primero organization provided various tools to organizations in the ColungaHUB community, in order to connect with the users with whom they work, and to have learning activities with greater impact.

"We work with dialogue education, which starts from the idea of Paulo Freire (Brazilian pedagogue) that systematizes adult education, and tells us how to make teaching simple and accessible, and that at the same time has an impact on interventions", explained Ángeles Castro, Executive Director of Infancia Primero.  

According to this line of work, there are six key factors for learning:

Respect: It must be reflected in each design decision, both by the participants and by the facilitator.
Security: It should be considered in cognitive, psychomotor and affective activities.
Commitment: Keep the participants alert
Relevance: Always use the diagnosis of needs and resources for learning (DNRA) and connect with the vital aspects of the participants.
Immediateness: That the knowledge can be applied by the participants.
Inclusion: That considers all those who will participate.

To exemplify this knowledge, the foundation carried out a playful activity with the attendees, related to the development of children from 0 to 4 years old.

"ComunidadMujer has a territorial area that works with grassroots organizations, ranging from student centers, to centers for mothers and fathers or older adults, so I think that thinking about adult learning processes is super useful anyway", commented Carla Andrade of ComunidadMujer.

While Diana Vargas of Girls In Tech appreciated the exercise. "It impacted me as a dynamic activity can change our perception, we can generate more knowledge, today I leave with enough ideas to work with our ADA Academy teams or in general Girls in Tech," he said.

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About Childhood First

Infancia Primero is a member foundation of ColungaHUB and part of the Colunga Network, which was created by a group of professionals from the UC Christus Health Network, aimed at promoting the development of children from 0 to 4 years old in vulnerable sectors. The initiative takes actions to support their caregivers, supporting them in their upbringing, strengthening them as the main educational agents and caregivers of their children. Learn more about Childhood First

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