Huella Local signs cooperation agreement with the municipalities of Curepto and Licantén

June 14, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

In ColungaHUB, the Huella Local Foundation held a launch event, where it consolidated its work with the municipalities of Curepto and Licantén, through the signing of a collaboration agreement.  

"What we want is to generate a real sustainable development in the municipalities. What we are going to sign with the municipalities is a collaboration agreement of medium and long term, so that our impact occurs in those territories, especially by increasing the tax collection of resources for public investment, "said Gonzalo Vial, president of Huella Local .  

At the meeting, a conversation was also held with the mayors of Licantén and Curepto, Marcelo Fernández, and René Concha, together with the local development expert, Víctor Leiva, and the president of Huella Local, Gonzalo Vial.

"For us, the work with Huella Local is as if we had two project departments, one in the commune and another team here, which we did not have previously, so we multiplied the options for channeling resources in the commune," said the mayor. René Concha.

While Marcelo Fernández He placed special emphasis on joint work with Local Footprint. "When today we talk about inequality, and that small municipalities need to be strengthened with opportunities, without a doubt having a group of collaborators is very beneficial. We will work together for the development of our territory, "concluded the mayor of Licantén.  

The Huella Local proposal, member organization of ColungaHUB, is to support municipal management to increase public and private investment in the territory, through the formulation and management of projects that promote the development of the territory and the quality of life of its actors . Huella Local is currently working with the municipalities of Lampa, Lo Espejo, Licantén and Curepto. 



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