Let's talk with confidence: know Free Line for children and adolescents

February 20, 2020
Communications Colunga Foundation

The support channel is attended by psychologists and psychologists trained to contain, guide, intervene in crisis and welcome concerns and problems that children and adolescents may have. Free Line It is free and confidential. You should only call 1515, chat on the App or write via email through the site www.linealibre.cl.

The initiative began in 2013 with the Anar Foundation, but closed 2017 due to lack of resources. The year 2019, Foundation for Trust Revived Línea Libre to meet the need for expression and support that children have in Chile.

“We need to eradicate indifference to girls, boys and adolescents because they and they also have a voice and the right to say what they feel, talk about their problems and ask for help to solve them. Do not forget that many may be being violated, so breaking the silence is a tremendous advance, and in Línea Libre we have the ability to give immediate and long-term response so that it does not happen again, ”he says. José Andrés Murillo, Executive Director of Fundación Para la Confianza.

On December 19, the official launch was made, with the support of the Ombudsman's Office, the Undersecretariat of Children and the municipalities of Providencia, Vitacura and Las Condes. A month, the Free Line received about 500 contacts, through the various available channels. “In general, children call for different reasons, but the most frequent is the cyberbullying, loneliness, issues regarding consent to sexual relations and many issues that have to do with affections, especially depression, ”said the foundation's psychologist, Paula Vergara, in a interview With 24 Hours TVN. 

A study conducted in 24 countries, revealed that Chile leads the ranking in mental health problems in children under 6 years. The report by Mónica Kimelman, director of the department of psychiatry and mental health at the University of Chile, together with the doctor of child psychology, Felipe Lecannelier, shows that between 12% and 16% of Chilean children have anxiety and depression. That is why this initiative is very relevant, to give a space of listening and support to the children who need it. 

The Línea Libre service hours are Monday through Saturday between 4:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Share this information!

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