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April 6, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

The seven organizations began the Colunga Laboratory Consolidation program, which seeks to strengthen and support the teams in the development of their projects.

"In Colunga we believe that the transformation is collective, therefore this community of learning interests us a lot. What we want to achieve with this program is a leap in quality, more effective in the projects, and an opportunity for them to travel as far as they can on this trip, because Chile needs them to reach far, "says Arturo Celedón, Director Executive of Fundación Colunga.

In this first day of work, the winners of Emprende El Viaje 2017 participated in a practical workshop on Theory of Change, taught by Josefin Pasanen, Training Manager of J-Pal LAC, and learned content related to evidence-based design and evaluation of foreign programs implemented in Chilean territory. 

The Innovation Laboratory of Colunga will focus its next learning meetings, during this year 2018, on contents and distinctions related to: Intervention Model, Business Model, Communicate and Stakeholders.

Meet the participating organizations:

Draft: Curious in the classroom: doing science in preschool
Organization: Creando Curiosos Foundation
The objective of this project is to promote science education from early childhood in vulnerable sectors.

Draft: Bridges of Creation: We link young offenders, educators and families or significant people through artistic creations
Organization: Itaca Foundation
This project seeks to reduce the impact of stigmatization on the identity of young lawbreakers, and increase the bonding of young people deprived of their freedom with themselves, their educators and their families, through artistic creations.

Draft: Itinerant School of the Mapuche Kimun Interterritorial
Organization: Mapuche NGO NEWEN
This project seeks to increase Mapuche knowledge in the educational process of children of basic education in the Araucanía Region, promoting the assessment of their own rights in their family, community and territory spaces.

Draft: Playful wellness, inclusion and participation laboratory
Organization: Observatory of the Game
This organization, through the development of skills for the 21st century, seeks to promote wellbeing, inclusion and participation of students, professors and representatives of four schools in Chile, through playful strategies.

Draft: Little School of the Arts of the Social Circus La Chimba
Organization: Club Deportivo y Cultural Los Volantines
This organization uses the circus as a pedagogical and community tool to promote the exercise of the rights of children and adolescents, and the recovery of public spaces.

Draft: Braiding San Rosendo
Organization: ACTO Foundation
The objective of this organization is to strengthen the sense of territorial belonging in young people of San Rosendo through cultural exchange and participation.

Draft: The Huertera Backpack
Organization: Huerta a Huerta Organization
This organization wants to reduce the consumption of drugs and violence in the blocks of three districts of Santiago through the creation of urban gardens.

This is how we live Start the Journey 2017:


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