Winners of the Innovative Fund 2015 of Fundación Colunga complete workshops with the Simón de Cirene Corporation

November 10, 2016
Communications Colunga Foundation

Members of Fundación Ideas para la Infancia, Deporte Libre, Odontobus and NGO Social Hip Hop met on Tuesday, November 9 at ColungaHUB, in the last workshop on Learning Management, planned as part of the accompaniment to the winning projects of the Innovative Fund 2015 of the Colunga Foundation.

The workshop, taught by Francisco Lecaros, president of the Simón de Cirene Corporation, focused on rethinking the priorities of each organization, identifying the critical points and reflecting on the future projections of each project. In this sense, the methodology of Learning Management emphasizes learning from each stage to improve in the next, so it is very important to "have the ability to recognize, highlight and incorporate them" said Francisco Lecaros.

"What we do is invite them to reflect on the lessons of the past to build the future of organizations", concludes the president of Simón de Cirene.

The participants, meanwhile, valued the space significantly, since it allowed them to listen to the other teams and exchange experiences. "One is seeing the progress of the other colleagues and that is very interesting in this process, because we are with each other," says María Paz Badilla from Fundación Ideas para la Infancia.

For Andrés Verdugo of Fundación Deporte Libre, in this space of exchange, obvious things are uncovered "that for one go unnoticed, but for the other they are easy to identify. This is how we have supported ourselves, "he said.

"When you design the steps for the project, you think you know everything, that you have looked at everything, but it is not, and these instances serve to incorporate other points of view," emphasizes Catalina Salazar of NGO Social Hip Hop.

The following meetings in which the winners of the Innovative Fund 2015 will participate will be aimed at training and accompanying the teams in thematic lines related to leadership, organization management and storytelling.

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