Winners of the Innovative Fund 2015 begin new stage of training

October 13, 2016
Communications Colunga Foundation

Members of Ideas for Children Foundation, Deportes Libre, Odontobus and NGO Social Hip Hop met this Wednesday, October 12, at the offices of Fundación Colunga, to begin a new stage of training and accompaniment, which will help their organizations to have better management tools.

This new training, planned in the framework of the accompaniment to the winning projects of the Innovative Fund 2015, is given by the Simón de Cirene Corporation and has four sessions in total. The first of these workshops - guided by Ignacio Carrasco, coordinator of the social area and Jordi Constans, General Manager of the entity- focused on the presentation of the Management for Learning model, and on the delivery of specific tools for its application.

Jordi Constans, explained that "learning in the management of non-profit social organizations is very invisible, but is key to the success of organizations." While, Nelson Rojas of NGO Social Hip Hop, valued the workshop because although the ideas of feedback and continuous learning are present in the organizations, it considers that "one does not know how to make it concrete, how to make it practical, and this session was very beneficial for that", he commented.

While for María Paz Badilla Foundation Ideas for Children "this workshop in particular opens a new perspective of the management of our organization, but thought about how we can go looking for the scalability or the impact of what we do in the daily, in the daily and monthly planning of our organization, "he said.

The next meetings will contemplate a group coaching with real cases of Simon of Cyrene in relation to Management for Learning, personalized visits to each organization to develop improvement plans, and a closing day where each team will present the application of Learning Management in their organization.

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