Fútbol Más and Corporación Opción work together to integrate young lawbreakers

March 23, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

Through the Reparations Cordilleras program, both organizations held a ceremony where they formally concluded the work carried out during 2016, during which time the young people participated actively in the Soccer More fields.

In October 2016, Fundación Fútbol Más y Option Corporation, through its Reparations Cordilleras program, they began to work so that young offenders who had to comply with community hours for less serious crimes, could do so by positively contributing to their communities, participating in the socio-sport workshops offered by Fútbol Más in the Metropolitan Region.

In this way, four young people were directly involved in the small categories and girls, where they applied a pedagogical model based on the Fútbol Más methodology, which the two institutions involved worked together.

Lehya Rojas, director of Reparatoria Cordilleras and Diego Torres, psychologist and delegate of the program, were present at the ceremony on behalf of Corporación Opción, where one of the young people who participated in the workshops also attended.

Regarding the objectives and learning of the process, Jonathan Henríquez, territorial coordinator of neighborhoods in the community of Fútbol Más, pointed out that "The idea was that young people could understand that they could be linked from affection, respect and empathy with their communities".

For 2017, it is expected that Fútbol Más and Corporación Opción continue to develop joint lines of action, which will seek to continue generating space for the integral development of young people.

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