Fútbol Más celebrates its 10th anniversary with Community Neighborhood Fair

August 17, 2017
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The seven neighborhoods convened, from the regions of Antofagasta, Tarapacá and Metropolitana, shared their experiences and achievements with the organization.

The mission of Fútbol Más is to promote the development of resilience in children and adolescents living in contexts of biopsychosocial vulnerability, in order to give them the opportunity to enhance their personal resources for the benefit of their well-being and that of their communities. Learn more about Soccer More here.

On Friday, August 11, the second Community Neighborhood Fair was held at ColungaHUB, where the José María Caro, El Molino I, Caletas I, La Portada, O'Higgins, Corvallis and Puquios IV courts, from the Antofagasta, Tarapacá regions and Metropolitan, shared their progress, shared their experiences and achievements with Fútbol Más.

In the Community stage, neighborhoods that have been at the forefront of the organization begin a process of self-management.

"What the foundation seeks with its Communities is that after a certain time the neighborhood will be empowered, incorporate the methodology, and then reproduce it themselves, take the program autonomously," commented Gabriel Morales, Regional Football Coordinator More in the region of Tarapacá.

The look from the neighborhoods

"We have been with Fútbol Más for seven years and now we are in the last stage of Community, and we want to continue for the children. I am happy for what other courts have done, they have served as an example for us, "he said. Daniela Ferrada of the Court Corvallis Antofagasta

"I have learned to work in a team, to know other neighborhoods, to see the needs they have, and to exchange ideas. I'm leaving with a beautiful learning, "he commented Ester Gin, of the Cancha O'Higgins, Antofagasta

"I've been in Fútbol Más for 10 years, but this year we started to work as a Community, so we're a little more autonomous, but we've already implemented ideas that come from ourselves," he said. Magdalena of the Cancha Molino I, Santiago

"Year after year we have been growing and finding new ideas to develop. For us, Fútbol Más is very important in the village, because we were able to open spaces that were taken, and now they are occupied for the sport, "he said. José Rojas of the José María Caro court in Santiago.

About Football More

Football More is a member of ColungaHUB since the beginning of our building, and an outstanding organization of the Colunga Network, which has been supported by our foundation in its internationalization process, and in the implementation of its "Fútbol para la emergencia" program in Ecuador, due to the social impact that have generated in children and adolescents, their parents and communities. 

Football More in Ecuador 


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