Colunga and Trabün Foundations hold talks on how to maintain meaningful links in times of crisis

April 17, 2020
Valentina Well

Within the framework of the Cycle of Open Talks that is being organized by ColungaLAB, from the Colunga Foundation, today the second version of these was carried out, with the support of Trabün, an organization that seeks to complement the educational work of families and schools, working in conjunction with them.

Almost 80 people participated this afternoon in the second version of the Cycle of Open Talks organized by the ColungaLAB of the Colunga Foundation, in which they referred to How to maintain significant ties in times of crisis?, thanks to the support of the Trabün Foundation and, in particular, its executive director, Juan Álvarez, and its academic director, Vicente Mariscal, who were in charge of the exhibition.

The initiative was moderated by the coordinator of the Social Innovation Laboratory, Francisca Lemaître, who appreciated Trabün's collaboration, for considering it especially relevant in "Have tools to maintain links, especially in a context of high uncertainty and social distancing, such as the one we are experiencing now, due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)".

While, the academic director of Trabün, Vicente Mariscal, realized the reinvention that the team has had to give due to the closure of schools due to the health crisis. “Since the schools were closed by COVID-19, we have begun to investigate and pilot practices that allow us to stay connected with our students, because maintaining significant ties is essential to overcome times of crisis”, said.

In addition, Mariscal thanked the opportunity to "share these practices with other organizations and education professionals, so that more students can be accompanied during this period."

The next session of the cycle will take place on Tuesday, April 21, at 3:00 p.m., will deal with Storytelling for Change and will have the collaboration of the Executive Director of Fundación Mapocho, Fabián Schiaffino and the Director of Communications of América Solidaria Internacional, Vicente Schulz. Likewise, it will be moderated by coordinator of the Social Innovation Laboratory, Francisca Lemaître. Registrations can be made in this link. Secure your space!

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