Colunga and Pro Bono Foundations conduct talk on labor regulation in times of crisis

April 9, 2020
Valentina Well

During this afternoon the virtual talk "How to regulate the employment relationship in times of crisis?" coordinated by the Colunga Social Innovation Laboratory, with the support of the Pro Bono Foundation.

More than 50 people participated in the first version of the virtual talks that the Colunga Foundation Social Innovation Laboratory is organizing, in order to bring issues of relevance to the citizens in the social context that the country is experiencing due to the crisis health caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

The coordinator of the Social Innovation Laboratory, Francisca Lemaître, he referred to this digital turn explaining that "From the laboratory we consider it key to be able to continue providing tools and methodologies to better overcome this moment of crisis" and added that "Our contribution is to make this knowledge available to citizens, which we usually deliver in person, virtually. For this reason, we are adapting and we will make the best effort so that digital talks and workshops add value to our community ”.

This initiative was carried out thanks to the support of the Pro Bono Foundation and was about "How to regulate the employment relationship in times of crisis?" focused on the new Employment Protection Law and the Telework Law. The talk was led by attorneys Catalina Malgarejo and Sergio Fuica from the Guerrero Olivos law firm.

While the Pro Bono Executive Director Carolina Contreras, added that this type of initiative helps to reduce the uncertainty that exists in the citizenry. “In times of crisis, a large part of the uncertainties of people and organizations cross the legal field and at the foundation we seek to deliver, in a changing environment and with excess information, content that is trustworthy and clear. The way in which we solve legal problems today is decisive in containing the impacts of this crisis and promoting a better quality of life in the future.“.

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