Pro Bono Foundation leads free legal guidance delivery to families affected by the fire

February 24, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

Through the Pro Bono Foundation, the legal community supports families affected by the fire, providing them with free legal guidance in various areas of interest.

The bell #HelpLegalChile It consists of three pillars of support: the layout of the digital platform, in which those affected will find specific information, from the legal edge, regarding recurrent and common issues in emergency situations, such as fire and vehicle insurance; worker's rights, leases, housing, benefits and subsidies, among others. Also, you can download the Legal Aid Manual in Case of Catastrophe.

On the other hand, Pro Bono Foundation has two telephone lines in which its members and lawyers of legal studies answer doubts of the community. The phones are 22 2051344 Y 22 205133.

For March, meanwhile, the organization has contemplated departures to the land of its members and teams of lawyers, to provide support and legal guidance to families more immediately and directly. "We will go to affected areas to accompany and help those who, especially after the fires have occurred, are confronted with the daily routine and the different administrative procedures that will allow them to get back on their feet and rearm their personal, family and work life", Indian Carolina Contreras, Executive Director of Fundación Pro Bono.

Pro Bono Foundation belongs to the network of collaborators of Fundación Colunga and is a member of ColungaHUB.

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