Fundación Para la Confianza invites you to participate in the Colunga Strengthening Fund

July 9, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

At the beginning of May Fundación para la Confianza made the official launch of the Observatory for Trust, one of the winning projects of the 2017 Strengthening Fund of Colunga. From the foundation they tell us the motivations of this initiative and how they hope to improve the situation of children in Chile.

"The observatory is a citizen initiative that seeks to promote social control over public policies in charge of protecting children under the protection of the State. We seek that all your rights be respected, protected and fulfilled ", explains Gabriel Guzmán, Executive Coordinator of the Observatory for Trust.

Gabriel Guzmán

The birth of the Observatory arose from the publication of the book "500 questions to the State of Chile about children under its protection", which brings together questions that emerge from reports of independent and public organizations that to date continue without a coherent response from of the State.

"A while ago the crisis that was in Chile with the lack of protection of the children in Sename was uncovered, and the social indignation began to move the tectonic plates, but someone had to take charge, not only with indignation, not only with the march or protest, but also with changes, with transformations that include political changes ", comments José Andrés Murillo, Executive Director of Fundación Para la Confianza.

That is why, they decided to create the Observatory for Trust. "An autonomous observatory, without any weight of the State, that seeks to systematize the social control of the State, from the civil society, that generates tools and measures of control and link", adds Murillo.

José Andrés Murillo

The support of Colunga

For the foundation, the Strengthening Fund has meant more than financial support, an alliance for social innovation.

"They are allies of a project in which they will be accompanying you, in which the innovation process is constant. Colunga demands and challenges you to ensure that innovation is not only in the proposal, but also in the development of the project. That has been important for us, because this need to create a new system of social control and links, between civil society and the State when unprotected children's rights, with a fund that demands and challenges you to join that control is constantly innovative ", highlights the Executive Director of the Foundation for Trust.

The Colunga Strengthening Fund seeks to implement improvements in the design and management of social programs, in organizations with field experience, to optimize standards, advance the quality of their projects and enhance the impact of their interventions.

Gabriel Guzmán invites the participation of Call 2018 of this fund, since "with this there is an opportunity to promote innovative, innovative social initiatives that allow fighting for a more just society".

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