Fundación para la Confianza creates Observatory with the support of Colunga

May 7, 2018
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Thanks to the Colunga Strengthening Fund, the organization will provide relevant information to citizens, authorities and decision makers, through a website that invites citizens to act in defense of the rights of the child.

Gabriel Guzmán, Executive Coordinator of the Observatory for Trust; Teresa Matus, Director of Social Work at the University of Chile; Arturo Celedón, Executive Director of Fundación Colunga and José Andrés Murillo, Executive Director of Fundación para la Confianza.

Foundation for Trust made the official launch of the Observatory for Trust, an organization that will offer a space for citizens to exercise social control over public policies designed for children under the protection of the State of Chile.

The Observatory for Confidence seeks to position itself as a national and international reference in advocacy and social control, in terms of protecting the rights of children who are under State protection.

It also aspires to be a facilitator for the encounter between the local communities and the reality of these children, making available to the citizens the available information about the problems and denunciations that now fall on the residential centers and outpatient programs that affect them.

"The Observatory empowers civil society as an oversight body and guarantor of children's rights. This role belongs to all of us and should not be left to the State alone. In addition, it reveals a reality that, despite the current contingency regarding issues of abuse and childhood, is for many, unknown ", declared José Andrés Murillo, executive director of Fundación Para la Confianza.

Launch Observatory for Trust

On the other hand, Gabriel Guzmán, executive coordinator of the Observatory for Trust, added that "in the current context of the Sename crisis and the violation of the rights of children protected by the State, the creation of concrete tools that allow exercising social control and direct citizenship becomes relevant. essential information to the authorities and decision makers. That will be our role. Transform us into the vertex between the incidence and the monitoring of the rights of the children ".

Launch Observatory for Trust

The birth of the Observatory arose from the publication of the book "500 questions to the State of Chile about children under its protection", that gathers 500 questions that arise from reports of independent and public organizations that to date continue without a coherent response from the State.

The website It contains the existing information on 303 residences in the country, the diagnoses of the residential centers, the outpatient programs and the subsidies policy. This platform is open data, which allows the interaction and exchange of information with citizens.

The support of Fundación Colunga

Fundación Para la Confianza is one of the winning organizations of the 2017 Strengthening Fund of Colunga. This fund seeks to implement improvements in the design and management of social programs, in organizations with experience in the field, to optimize standards and advance the quality of their projects. Through financial support and accompaniment in the execution process of its project, and for a period of up to three years, Fundación Colunga strengthens the quality and effectiveness of social initiatives.

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