Fundación Ideas para la Infancia celebrates its Third Anniversary

November 11, 2016
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NOVEMBER 11, 2016

We accompany Fundación Ideas para la Infancia in celebration of its third anniversary, held on Tuesday, November 8 at Fundación Telefónica, with the II Encounter "Creativity and Game: Experiences that transform", which brought together professionals and volunteers working for children From Chile.

Macarena Silva, representative of the Chile Grows with You System, highlighted the instance since "it is a place where those of us interested in children, and pregnant women, can meet, share, and develop tools for daily work", and He invited the attendees to "continue generating the best conditions for children to develop."

The activity was inaugurated by the Executive Director of Ideas for Children, Magdalena Muñoz, who related the challenges and achievements of the foundation in these three years of work, and counted on the exhibitions of the French educator Isabelle Guillon-Verne, of the psychologist Pilar Mardones; by María Paz Badilla and Natalia Titerman from Fundación Ideas para la Infancia; by Cecilia Moreno and José Gaete de Fútbol Más; from psychologist Nicole Charney; and Andrea Markovits and Polo Fernández of the Muñecos en Tránsito Company.

This year the Fundación Ideas para la Infancia presented for the first time the 2016 Spirit FIPI Award, which recognizes social leaders with good institutional and work practices, and awarded Nathalie Orellana as the Outstanding Professional of the Year, who works as a kindergarten educator. The Room of Stimulation of Chile Grows with You of Los Angeles.

The meeting closed with a presentation by the dance group Raipillán, and featured a fair with Unicef stands, the National Television Council, Vasalisa Ediciones, Tan Bonito, Latir Workshop, Seigards, La Tiendita FIPI and La Red Pikler.

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