Fundación Crecer con Todos offers tips to encourage reading in early childhood

April 25, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

The organization emphasizes the impact of comprehensive reading throughout the school stage.

"When every child can read, Chile will prosper", that is the premise for which Fundación Crecer con Todos works, which through its First LEE program, implemented in 76 schools throughout the country, seeks to face the complicated gap in the learning of reading and writing, lived by boys and girls, especially from vulnerable contexts.

This is how comprehensive reading achieves innumerable benefits that are reflected throughout the school stage: stimulates the imagination; develops comprehensive and expressive language; improves the vocabulary, the understanding of the outside world and our internal world, expands knowledge, allows you to enjoy adventures and makes it possible to know the tastes and preferences of children.

To bring children closer to reading, the Crecer con Todos Foundation handed out some tips Reading:

1. Create an environment conducive to reading: comfortable, with adequate light, that allows a good visibility of the book and the proximity between the reader and the child.

2. Involve the child in reading: for example, ask questions, invite him to mimic, onomatopoeia, read some words or complete predictable phrases, allow him to touch and see the book.

3. Use the voice to motivate reading:
vary the volume and rhythm, make inflections and onomatopoeias ("Wow!", "Toc-Toc", "Oh!") when appropriate.

In early childhood, they emphasize, reading is an act of accompaniment, which is why complicity with the child is paramount, in such a way of reading, commenting, asking and questioning what happens in the text. Encouraging this habit, in addition, you can enjoy pleasant moments and strengthen the emotional ties within the family.

The support of Colunga

The project supported by the Colunga Foundation, through its Strengthening Fund, consists of the design of the First LEE program for 4th grade, in municipal educational establishments of the Arica district.
The initiative seeks to improve the quality of language and communication learning for boys and girls in establishments with high rates of social and economic vulnerability through the application of innovative, effective and comprehensive methodologies within the classroom.


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