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Colunga seeks to overcome the poverty situation of almost one million minors in Chile through a competitive fund

March 9, 2020
Communications Colunga Foundation

Colunga Transforma It is the name of the initiative, which will be open until March 31, and through which the foundation seeks to promote the work of social organizations that have projects related to improving the quality of education in the classroom, violence prevention, care to the mental health and inclusion of children and adolescents in a migratory situation.

At present in Chile there are almost a million children and adolescents (children and adolescents) living in poverty, which according to UNICEF figures corresponds to almost 23% of this age group in the country, considering multidimensional poverty, not just economic poverty.

That is why since March 9 Fundación Colunga -an organization that works to overcome the poverty situation in which children live in Chile, through support to other institutions that present innovative projects for this purpose- launched Colunga Transforma, a fund that, in addition to financing, provides accompaniment and technical support to the organizations that award it.

This initiative, although with a different name, began four years ago in which it directly impacted through 14 programs, among which are cases such as Fútbol Más and Impulso docente, who thanks to this impulse were able to develop a model of neighborhood leaders that generate safe spaces for children, through articulation with influential people in the communities and generating a network of mentors for Chile, which translates into teachers who train and accompany other teachers, to improve the quality of education in the country, respectively.

For Colunga's executive director, Arturo Celedón, the main characteristic of this fund and what sets it apart from others, is that it works directly with organizations that have been able to develop effective methodologies and have been working in the field for at least two years. This is not only an opportunity to improve processes, but also to strengthen and give continuity to initiatives that have already shown their impact on communities.

“In Chile there are multiple programs that work to support children in vulnerable situations. This fund, in particular, allows these initiatives to develop faster, with better and greater impact, helping to face and overcome the different barriers that children and adolescents face in the face of poverty, ”explained Celedón.

Finally, the thematic that civil society organizations may apply four fundamental axes, which are innovative strategies to improve the quality of education in the classroom, generation of safe spaces free of violence, prevention, promotion and attention in mental health and inclusion of children and adolescents in migratory situations.

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