Strengthening Fund 2017 Colunga already has winners

August 18, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

Learn about the projects that will be supported by the Colunga Foundation for a period of up to 3 years. The purpose of the Colunga Strengthening Fund is to promote innovation projects that strengthen the intervention they carry out and improve the quality of the service they deliver to their users.

The 2017 call managed to gather 185 projects sent by organizations from Chile and Latin America. Finally, and after an arduous selection process, four Initiatives were chosen to be part of the Colunga Network, and receive financial support and accompaniment in the process of implementing their project.

The last evaluation stage was held on Friday, August 11, where the selected organizations presented their proposals before an Expert Evaluating Committee, composed of Esperanza Cueto (Fundación Colunga); Ana María Raad (Chile Foundation); Juan José Cueto (Colunga Foundation); Teresa Matus (University of Chile) and Arturo Celedón (Colunga Foundation).

With these projects, Colunga aspires to make a contribution in the quality of work carried out by civil society organizations in Chile, helping to build better social policies.

Learn about the winning projects of the 2017 Strengthening Fund:

Educational Foundation Grow With All
Project: First LEE program design for 4th grade in municipal educational establishments in the Arica district.  
The Initiative seeks to improve the quality of language and communication learning for boys and girls in establishments with high rates of social and economic vulnerability through the application of innovative, effective and comprehensive methodologies within the classroom.

Jesuit Migrant Service Foundation
Project: Intercultural and inclusive Work Spaces.
The initiative seeks to generate inclusive employment spaces through intermediation between companies and migrants. Intermediation that translates into: Training of migrant people in labor skills, language and labor legislation; awareness and advice to companies in the hiring process; all under a protocol of accompaniment from the intercultural perspective, promoting decent work standards.

Foundation for Trust
Project: Organizational Strengthening Foundation for Trust.
The initiative seeks to create a center for applied research for children and youth, which contributes to a change of view on Child Sexual Abuse, delivering an innovative theoretical conceptualization that provides tools to create protective contexts for children.

City of the Child Foundation
Project: Kelmy: an App for the social inclusion of migrant and refugee children.
The initiative will install capacities in communal territorial agents so that they promote local and intercultural integration from the perspective of children. Bringing families together through an application that will inform about the communal offer in childhood. This project considers the participation of children in the elaboration of the contents of the platform, which through its use will facilitate the intercultural encounter between nationals, migrants and refugees.

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