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April 27, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

"In ColungaHUB we are surrounded by people who are in the same, but above all a team spirit, innovation"

We spoke with Victoria Marambio, Head of Communications of the organization Consejo de Curso, about the Chilean educational system, and how changes can be promoted from civil society.  

How did you get to the social world?

It has a lot to do with my educational experience. At age 17 I went with a scholarship from the network of United World Schools to Costa Rica, where I did third and fourth grade. There I worked in a nursery for children with parents with extended working hours, I was also in an organic garden, among other things.
Then I went to study my pre-degree in psychology in the United States, where I also worked in the organization Habitat For Humanity, which is very similar to Techo Chile. Once I graduated I went to live in Belgium where I did the practice in the Academic Cooperation Association educational foundation. Finally the year 2015 I came to Chile and I came to the Course Council.

What programs does the Course Council carry out at present?

We are currently with three projects in parallel, one of them is the Summer Academy where we are in three locations (Central Station, Providencia and Valparaíso), and we work with around 1,200 students from seventh grade to fourth grade. We also have Summer Trampoline, which is our program of reading and learning promotion through games, for children from 5 to 9 years old, specifically aimed at vulnerable communities of Peñalolén, Til Til, Isla de Maipo and El Monte. And finally we are with Classroom 42, our great bet as a foundation. We package the best courses we have had at the Summer Academy, upload them to the web platform and deliver them to schools in the country. They are courses that can be for extracurricular subjects and also for curriculum units. 

How do you see the Chilean educational system, what are its challenges?

It is a system that is not in line with the changes in society, with changes in technology. It's like a dinosaur that has been stuck in the past. I see young people and children unmotivated with that, it is not a system that is thinking about their interests. That is what we believe, that we are all inherently curious people, eager to learn, so we have to move towards a system that nourishes and enhances that interest. Our programs try to point to that interest and rekindle it, because we believe that you can re-enlist students with education. That is why the world of foundations is so important, because we can act from the outside, pilot ideas at a low scale, and then implement them, do different things.

How did Colunga's support impact on the Summer Trampoline program?

Summer Trampoline has grown tremendously since that first version that Colunga supported. Before we were in a headquarters and now we are in four, then it really meant a lot to us, to be able to scale that program. In the end the only way to scale is to show results, the impact, and with the support of Colunga we could do that. 

How has the experience been at ColungaHUB?

It has a lot of value, from the practicality of where we are located, to be able to appeal to other people if we have a doubt on various topics. In ColungaHUB we are surrounded by people who are in the same, but above all with a team spirit, with innovation. I love feeling part of something bigger.  


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