Focus on: Víctor Gutiérrez, Executive Director of Fútbol Más

October 1, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

"Colunga facilitates the role of being a more accompanied change agent"

We talked with Víctor Gutiérrez, who told us about the great challenges he has Football More, with the responsibility of being in three continents and continuing to emphasize, more and more, in its program the themes of inclusion and social integration, as well as the desire to make all of its children happy.

How did you get to civil society?

I came looking for practice. In the university I was always close to the social world, more than anything I brought from school with friends and with some communities that work in Renca. Seeking more alternative contributions, I found América Solidaria, I was the first practitioner. At that time I was Executive Director Sebastián Villarreal, and in that practice I met Guillermo Rolando. Between the two of us we had similar dreams, I wanted to do things with sports and I had already been practicing a bit in these improvised social work that I did with friends. Guillermo came with a desire to generate a public policy that had to do with sports and childhood. We got together and started throwing the first ideas of what is now Football More.

What is the organization currently working on?

We move in different worlds. I think diversity is the most important thing for us today. We went from the world of neighborhoods and from there to the world of schools, then to emergencies, natural disasters and forced mobilizations. Now we are working with the migrant population here in Chile, with one of the most resounding forced mobilizations in the world, which is the Middle East and Africa to the European continent. We are also in the world of professional football, specifically in the training of players, in how to add values to commercial football, which sometimes does not lend itself so much to form our society or the new generations.

In addition to that, we are working on innovation. We believe that these are the times to include more technologies. In ten years we are reaching more than 10 thousand children, and for this to reach more massive audiences we need technology. We want to continue working very hard on the issues of inclusion, integration, which in Chile is a very important challenge. We believe that with football and the methodology we have created, we can address it. That's what we started doing in the 2015 Copa América with the Green Card. We also look for consolidation. Ten years ago the needs were different, and Fútbol Más is adapting to these new needs.

What is your biggest challenge?

Our challenge is to maintain quality versus growth, we have grown a lot. Today we are in Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Haiti, Mexico, Kenya and France. We have to show that we can maintain quality in these three continents. Also see how we can, with a lighter and more technological version, begin to have global impacts. I mean hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries, where not only we have to go implement, but this can be a methodology that is passed on to others, local people or communities that also want to inspire and protect their childhood through football . We want to be more global, stop being a Chilean organization and be more international, and we have achieved a lot. We have workers of about ten nationalities and the idea is to continue increasing that, that the proportion of Chileans is going down and continue learning. We still have a lot to learn and we are in that stage.

Photo: Football More

How has your experience been at Colunga HUB?

It is a house that provides all the conditions for us to develop our passions. Starting from that base, Colunga is a great contribution, not only for us, but for all the organizations that work in the building. In addition, this house gives us the opportunity to generate synergy with other parallel passions that can be aligned to yours. So, in some way it facilitates the role of being a more accompanied agent of change and generates these networks that many times, we criticize ourselves that can not be generated. It is a place that allows us to dream together, and gives us everything so that we can continue to maintain those dreams. Until today has been only contribution, and we know that the community will continue to grow, the meetings will continue to be given and soon the HUB will be a benchmark at the national level in the issues we are working on.  


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