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Focus on: Sergio Chacón, Executive Director of Fundación Mujer Levántate

August 13, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

"In ColungaHUB we feel part of a community that is playing to transform our country"

How did you get to civil society?

In the year 96 ', recently graduated in Psychology, I came to work at Hogar de Cristo with people in a psychic disability condition. Since then, I have traveled the path of direct work with the participants of the programs, up to the responsibilities of social management. I was the Social Director of Fundación Rostros Nuevos and then of the Parenthesis Foundation and 6 years ago I got to work as a volunteer in Woman Foundation Get up, until last year the Board asked me to assume as Executive Director of the Foundation.

What is the organization currently working on?

We work for women who are or have been deprived of liberty in the San Joaquín Women's Penitentiary Center. Based on an evidence-based model, we implement a process of psychosocial accompaniment that begins while they are imprisoned and is projected until they are free. The basic purpose is to reduce the risk of recidivism in crime, which in the case of women with whom we work is only 6%. In addition, we have a temporary residence for those who have no place to live when they leave prison or do not want to go back to where they were before they were imprisoned.

What is your biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge is to expand our work to the cities of Valparaíso and Antofagasta by 2022, and implement a specialized post-prison accompaniment component with a strong emphasis on labor intermediation and which will also include a mentoring program for each woman.

How has your experience been at ColungaHUB?

Our experience has been fantastic, we not only feel at home, comfortable, welcomed, accompanied, but at ColungaHUB we feel part of a community that is playing to transform our country. We are part of a group of organizations that believe that it is possible to create different opportunities for people and also change the rules of the game. We feel privileged to be able to share, exchange experiences, collaborate and receive help. In ColungaHUB there is a genuine interest of the organizations to walk together in this process of social change.

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