Focus on: Sebastián Zulueta, Executive Director of América Solidaria Internacional

May 23, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

"I am very seduced by all the reflection on sustainable development and how we can promote this agenda from this space, from civil society"

In addition to being the Executive Director of America Solidaria International, Sebastián Zulueta is a volunteer in the directory of the Community of Solidarity Organizations, the Institute of Deafness and the Fundación Minera Escondida.

How did you get to the social world?

I believe that there are three sources of inspiration that have led me to the social world. The first is a family that lived very from values, honesty and acting from justice; the second I think it was a series of frustrations regarding the realities of exclusion that I witnessed, of which I evidenced, and even of those that I was part of as one of the lucky ones that we have received many opportunities in life, but I would dare to say that the most important thing was seduction. Upon entering the social world I realized that I enjoyed, that it was the habitat, the people, the teams, and the communities where I liked to be, that this was not a summer job, and I chose to make it part of my life. From there I was directing my studies and my career to the world of volunteering and civil society. And well, here I am and I think I'll be for the rest of my life.

What projects are you developing in America Solidaria that keep you busy, excited and passionate in this last time?

What keeps me passionate, in addition to the work we have been doing for 15 years to overcome child poverty on the continent, is all the exploration we have been doing since the formation of global citizenship. We realize that all the work we are doing with different actors: communities, students of universities, workers and society in general, is played in the formation of global citizenship. How we are aware that we are part of a planet, that this planet does not include races, does not include accents, does not include opportunities, but that we are all people from a great country called Earth, and that this should also awaken us a sense of responsibility to change that reality, not only within our countries, but in the entire continent.

I am very seduced by all the reflection on sustainable development and how we can promote this agenda from this space, from civil society. We have the program Concause, where young people from all over the continent share their projects from their locations, which simply steal your heart. In total adversity, without resources, without university training, they are making projects that are changing the lives of thousands and thousands of people in the territory. 

Young Concausa 2017

How has your experience been at ColungaHUB?

ColungaHUB makes possible connections that were previously impossible, allows conversations that today have faces and that translate into trust. The feeding of ideas, alliances, joint projects are infinite. One walks through the floors and you start to find people and organizations that are doing projects.

We feel very fortunate to be part of, to learn, to share learnings, and to generate friendships that make up the ColungaHUB today. The challenge in general is not to be more, it is like, those of us who are part of the ColungaHUB, we challenge ourselves to be more coherent every day. The great legacy that civil society can give to society in general are the principles, the values, and the only way to deliver them to society is if we live them from total coherence.

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