Focus on: Magdalena Muñoz, Director of Innovation and Studies of Fundación Ideas Para la Infancia

August 6, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

"Seeing so many people involved in ColungaHUB with social change is very important"

How did you get to civil society?

I started working in La Protectora de la Infancia as a volunteer. I went on Saturdays to foster resilience there, when I was finishing college and they finally hired me. I did not want to wait to be entitled to Psychology to make a contribution. I was working at La Protectora de la Infancia from 2002 to 2007. There I saw the vulnerability up close, the children in residences. After more than 10 years I am still working in the area of alternative care. Then I worked for 6 years with María Angélica Kotliarenco, at the eaves of Ceanim (Center for Studies and Care of Children and Women). She is the one who motivated us and told us that we could fly with our own wings, and that is where we created Ideas for Children, in 2013.

What has been the path of Ideas for Children?

Most of the NGO's arise with the passion and spirit of the founders and evidently what was always a top stone was the issue of economic resources. In the team we are very technical, we have a lot of knowledge, a lot of experience, but very little management in the search of resources and the administrative issue.
When we won the year 2015, 1,2,3 x Todos, the call for the Colunga Innovators Fund, the support included assistance in the management; not only was it an economic support, but it was also an accompaniment in the management of the projects. Then, there we had the opportunity to go to a lot of courses with Simón de Cirene, to have mentoring to improve the functioning of Ideas for Children, which was just starting. There we understood that if we wanted to have a great impact we also had to work well internally. That support from Colunga allowed us to continue with our project "Odyssey: family reunification" and today we are working with 7 organizations in 3 regions of the country.

Family of the Odyssey project

What are the challenges for this year 2018?

Continue with the project "Odyssey: family reunification", and have statistical data that allows us to quantitatively base the achievements and the effectiveness of the project. We will continue working with the Gendarmerie of Chile where we are working with pregnant mothers and mothers with their infants, and where we are also in a technical support to the teams that work at the national level in this project.
We are also working on Children's Evaluation of Parentality, something absolutely new in Chile, which is the incorporation of the children's vision within the whole process of evaluation of parental competences. We believe that they are the main protagonists in situations of violation of rights, therefore, it seems to us fundamental that their opinion be considered. These years we have seen that everything is focused on adults, on the vision of parents, of professionals, but there is no way to systematically incorporate children into this evaluation process. We are designing an interview and a quantitative scale of this System of Infantile Evaluation of the Parentality, to know the opinion of children between 6 and 18 years.

How has the experience been at ColungaHUB?

We arrived in 2015 and we feel that we have grown with the building. It has been an opportunity to share with different organizations that contribute to the vision you have of childhood, of the family, of how a cultural and systemic change can be made. We have been growing along with the HUB, where more faces and new organizations have been appearing, which adds dynamism to this. Seeing that there are so many people involved in ColungaHUB with social change is very important. Since we arrived we have worked with Pro Bono and every time we have become more connected with the neighboring organizations that are in the cowork of the 2nd floor.

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