Focus on: Juan Antonio Álvarez, Executive Director of Trabün Foundation

July 22, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

"We want to make a revolution in education."

For five years, Trabün Foundation He works by intervening schools to support children emotionally and vulnerable in vulnerable contexts. We talked with Juan Antonio Álvarez, its Executive Director, to know in detail about his initiative.

How did you get to civil society?

During my school stage, I had a lot of approach to volunteering and that was part of the reasons that motivated me to create this foundation in our first years of university. With my friends from school we always wanted to get involved with civil society and, while we were studying, the first thing we did was to go to Mena to get involved with the different actors in the territory and thus raise needs to cover. That was the first step to found Trabün.

What is the organization currently working on?

We intervene municipal and subsidized schools in vulnerable contexts. Today we are in five schools in Bajos de Mena and Puente Alto. We do it with workshops on Saturday mornings, in addition to the summer and winter schools. In addition to this, since this year we started working in the classroom with personalized tutorials, getting into the Orientation and Religion classes, to have more hours with the children and thus achieve a greater impact on them, emphasizing their value training and , also, in the personalized accompaniment. The idea is to work with each one of them, understanding that each person is different, that they need support and specific links. To achieve this, we work together with schools and their families.

What is your biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge is to achieve true ties with children. Become a support so that they can make the best decisions and that, not only can they develop as good students in their school stage, but also as better people, better children, best friends, better citizens. That is why our goal is to have greater intensity. Be in classrooms, achieve more hours with children, talk more with them.

On the other hand, we want to make a revolution in education. We know that the world has changed a lot in recent years and we are convinced that we need to change the dynamics in which children learn. We want them to be the protagonists. That is why our motto is "playing you learn" and in all instances, whether inside or outside the classroom, they are the center.

Photo: Trabün.

How has your experience been at ColungaHUB?

It has been a great experience. We have just arrived at the HUB and the reception of all the people is very good. We chose to come here because we saw the opportunity to meet and work with many other foundations and it shows that we are in a supportive community, which we have been able to ask from the most everyday to how they did it, receive advice, schedule meetings with people who work in the same as us. We are very grateful because it allowed us to stabilize and have a workplace where we can go as a team.

What results do you hope to achieve at ColungaHUB?

We want to publicize the work of our foundation, so that, in the future, it allows us to enter more schools. We also want to build alliances with other foundations and sign agreements that allow us to do from activities to advise on the various areas of work we have.

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