Focus on Igor Arratia, Executive Director of Dolores Sopeña Corporation

May 3, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

"In ColungaHUB there is a super good possibility to generate new learning, collaborative work and share experiences"

How did you get to civil society?

I started working in the social ministry of the university where I was studying, then I went to Hogar de Cristo as a volunteer, and later I was working in the Country Service program for two years. I was in the commune of Quemchi on the island of Chiloé, where the people were wonderful, very welcoming. We arrived with Country Service to install a productive development office. That was the great platform that allowed me to continue developing and working with social issues. After Country Service I worked in Sercotec (Service of Technical Cooperation), linked to the promotion issue, and they invited me to do entrepreneurship classes in a center of the Corporación Dolores Sopeña in Quinta Normal, where I was a year. Unfortunately that center closed, and after a while a sister of Sopeña, who worked in the center that was in Puente Alto, sent me to call to put together the project area of the corporation. Before Sopeña was a very territorial organization, and lacked the necessary articulation to work in a better way. Now there is a more established team in Puente Alto and there has been a resurgence of the organization.

What are you working on at this moment in Dolores Sopeña Corporation?

Now we are with one of the most beautiful challenges. Since last year we are working on the social reintegration of young people who are serving their sentence, but who have a kind of flexibility, since they are also being trained. On the other hand, we have an agreement with people who are serving sentences but with voluntary work. Some of their talents put them at the service of a social organization that welcomes them and makes them comply with a number of hours, which ultimately helps them fulfill their sentence and generate good behavior. To all the people who pass through Corporación Dolores Sopeña we try to give them training of some kind and we give them the possibility of accessing the different services we have. This year, for example, we started with an English workshop with the University of California that was very successful.

We are also developing projects with the migrant population that has arrived in Puente Alto. We want to be articulators of the efforts and have a bet as Sopeña Corporation, so that migrants have the possibility to arise.

What is your biggest challenge 2018?

There are people who have been volunteering for Sopeña for 30, 40 years, full families, and in that logic we have seen that the recruitment of new volunteers is a nice challenge, but we have to execute soon. Our loyalty and recruitment of new volunteers is super low compared to the old volunteers. As a result of this we have started a work with the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Chile, which has the program RSU Nexus, and with Inacap we are leveraging new talents.

In Sopeña we have the challenge of overcoming poverty. And the migrant issue is very important for us, to be able to work with different populations and to make some learning more flexible.

How has your experience been at ColungaHUB?

For us, it was a yearning to be part of a collaborative work platform. When we started looking at all the spaces we saw that here at ColungaHUB there is a super good possibility to generate new learning, generate collaborative work and share experiences. We need to have a fresh look, we need good practices. As we are in Puente Alto, we are difficult to move, and here we have been able to generate a large number of meetings to position the organization. For us, ColungaHUB is very good news, and we intend to promote our work here and participate more in the activities, since it helps us a lot.


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