Focus on: Gonzalo Vial, Executive Director of Huella Local Foundation

May 31, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

"Colunga was the first to believe in us"

How did you get to the world of civil society?

When I left university I worked in a service company, and I was invited to participate in an interview in Un Techo para Chile in 2006, when the organization was forming its first definitive housing team, the EGIS area. Social Real Estate Management). He had just developed a real estate cadastre for the municipality of Santiago and it was precisely what El Techo was looking for. I got involved and the project was super successful. After that I could never leave the social and public issue. I worked in the Ministry of Housing and then in the development of social housing projects, and in that intertanto with a group of friends we created Local Footprint, in 2015.

What is your challenge for this 2018?

Today we are working with four communes and we are preparing proposals for four more. We want to reach 20 by 2018, in vulnerable communes of the country; that is our goal. We believe that we can be an actor that can link the relationship between the private world and the public world and claim that space that is so reviled, that has so many barriers.

Local Footprint in terrain

How has your experience been at ColungaHUB?

We arrived in 2016 to the building, and Colunga was the first to believe in us, in which we had a proposal that contributed, that added value, and here we have grown. We were in the cowork and now we are in an office, with a much more consolidated team. From the point of view of the spirit, to be linked to a network like Colunga and share this space, you already feel a huge support. Here a synergy between the foundations that compose it is generated. Clearly it is a space where not only is work and sharing pleasantly, but it adds up. It has happened to us, participating in advocacy tables, contributing our experience in the Moved by Chile, at the tables that the Community of Solidarity Organizations, among other. It has been super fruitful for us to be here.


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