Focus on: Felipe Mora, Executive Director of Fundación Más

July 11, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

"It is a tremendous benefit to be here at ColungaHUB"

How did you get to civil society?

Professionally speaking I have always been more in the private sector, but since I was a child I had wanted to work in a social organization. Today I am 34 years old I could not stand the desire anymore. It was not so easy to enter the social world because I studied industrial civil engineering. As in management I am very good, I thought this is common sense, to work to put yourself at the service of another is pure motivation. So I saw it, but today, I'm inside, I realize that not everyone can enter because you have to do things from the heart, something very different from the private sector. I had volunteered in Techo, I had also participated in neighborhood meetings, but it is not the same as dedicating myself to this as I am doing now. I am fulfilling a dream here in Foundation More, since November 2017.

In what projects is Fundación Más now?

When I arrived, I realized that there were a lot of incredible professionals because they are very experienced people, very talented, and willing to deliver that talent out there. We are a foundation that supports other foundations to improve their management skills, so I looked at that potential and said we have to leave at home.

Since March we started with internal work meetings, divided into four thematic groups: strategy and financing; consulting model; communications and sense of belonging. So these same consultants, in addition to having an external project supporting another foundation, have an internal project to improve our organization.

How are they projected in the future?

We want to strengthen and grow what Fundación Más has done. We have a super important international alliance with the North American organization Encore, which helps us with these group meetings, through videoconferences and will accompany us for the next three years. What we are looking for is diversity, because there are other segments of older adults that we could reach, generating a new profile of seniors who have not necessarily been senior executives.

On the other hand, we want to focus on the scalability of the foundation. Last year we worked with the Oportunidad Mayor organization and the San Sebastián University to improve the management capacity of an ELEAM (Long Stay Establishment for Older Adults), where we put a senior to work with a millennial in a generational exchange program that turned out very well, so we are thinking of making more alliances with universities.

How do you see the situation of older adults in Chile?

In general terms, we must exalt and be more respectful with older adults; They have a lot of potential and a lot of energy, and they still want to continue delivering their knowledge. I believe that public policies should be generated that allow them to reactivate, especially now that pensions are so low. They could start, but you have to give them the tools.

How has your experience been at ColungaHUB?

It is a tremendous benefit to be here at ColungaHUB. It is synergistic, because here are all those people and organizations to which we want to deliver knowledge, are potential beneficiaries. We have two types of beneficiaries, one is the senior that we activate, and another is the organization and / or company that we support.

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